Learning Italian with us is fun and effortless!

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L’italiano espresso online (IEO)Learning Italian with us is fun and effortless!

Welcome to my website emoticon-caffe

I hope you have a lot of fun with my video/ audio lessons for beginners and advanced students. My lessons have all you need to improve your Italian:

 – movies that are easy to understand: the context helps you to remember and memorize phrases and words easily:

 – question/answer lessons  to learn more vocabulary and phrases in a meaningful way;

 – transcriptions of all the texts to learn the written language;

 – recorded audio of the movies and question/answer lessons to internalize the new language;

 – brief grammatical notes to help you easily organize the rules you learned actively from the language in use.

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You don’t have to learn new words by heart, neither to study complex grammatical rules. You will learn them automatically in the context in which they are used.

All you have to do is listen and answer the questions many times. This is the best way to learn Italian (and other language too, all of them!): trust me!

Learning Italian should be fun and motivating.

Don’t you agree?

What is the best way to learn Italian?

First step

Try my question/answer lesson 2.8:


      Link question

If this lesson is too advanced for you, I recommend starting with course No 1, lesson 1 (First Course). Instead, if you understand at least 70% of this lesson, you can start with the second course (Second Course).


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